Friday, March 14, 2008

Some stuffing for this saggy pillow of a blog!

Hello All,

In this posting I shall 'catch up' with the week one goals of stating who I am, what is my area of expertise, my reasons for doing this course and what I aim to achieve.
Ive added some extra thoughts on experiences with this course also.

I'm Katy Molloy, I work in the Creative Studies course that is based in the Design department at Otago Polytechnic. I have a bachelor of Fine Arts but have always, and still do, enjoy the design process. I am also lecturing a numeracy paper this year to some Creative Studies students. The numeracy teaching is perfect for me as I'm interested in bridging the gap between Art and mathematics.

Aims - I am doing this course to add more tools to my belt, and in turn, use those tools in my teaching.
Hopefully I will understand the width and length and depth (sculptor mentality!) of this e-learning environment, so I can use it and add to it with confidence.

Some extra thought on the width - length - depth thing. I am feeling quite dissatisfied with my progress in this DFLP course. I realize that this is because all the resources/communications have been digital (I missed the Face to Face meeting on the 5th March) so in comparison to the physicality of learning that I am accustomed to, this course feels like a heap of disjointed flying grey matter, that I can't grab or see. It's unpleasant.
So, today, upon realizing the above, I made a 'folder' on the 'desk top' of my laptop and set about putting things related to this course in it - that has made me feel better! And I have 'bookmarked' the Wiki main page for this course, the course blog, and my blog, in my Mozilla Firefox toolbar. It is very basic stuff, but hugely important.
So now I feel like I have somewhat of a grip on these things - or a line connected to them anyway.
It was very nice to recieve the hard copied 'Flexible learning: it's not just about distance' reading and wiki page print-out that Bronwyn sent.
In these first couple of weeks in the DFLP course, it seems as if I've been doing online research on a foreign city that I am planning to visit; Getting the underground train maps/bus timetable, inner city maps, wider city maps, hotels/backpackers info. Then of course when you arrive at the city, its nothing like what you imagined, but you may have some bearings.
I'm wondering now, "when am I gonna SEE it?"
That may be 'to much information', but the crux is that I feel like I could very well be missing out on something. I give a nod to Carolyn's post in the Discussion on the DFLP 'Wiki page - 21:17, 14 March 2008' when she wondered if she was missing something.

Cheers for reading. More later.
Katy Molloy